~Ambitions for 2024~
Aiming for robust and flexible business operations

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We have passed the period of slowing down our activities due to the coronavirus pandemic, and were able to hold a variety of events in the second half of last year, including those related to the economy and daily life. The year 2024 will start in an environment free from restrictions, and with last year’s 25th anniversary as a turning point, we at Orizon Systems would like to continue taking measures to contribute to our customers’ businesses in various ways this year.

At the beginning of the year, our leadership team would like to share with you our direction for this year’s activities.

Overall overview of 2023 (CEO Suga)

One of the highlights of last year was the service-in of the new operation monitoring center. Orizon’s operation monitoring center has been well received for its flexibility and reliability, and is now used by many customers. At the new center, we are making further investments in availability and robustness to respond more flexibly to customer requests.

In development services, it was a year in which we achieved a number of milestone projects and learned a lot. We have been able to confirm concrete results from the process improvement and quality improvement activities that we have been working on since the beginning of the year, and we believe that we are well positioned to handle larger projects in the future.

Regarding product solutions, we spent the last year building a system to build channels with various Czech IT companies, and were able to make steady progress toward strengthening our portfolio. We also consider it another milestone that, with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Czech Republic , we had the opportunity to introduce the solutions of each company to our customers and partners at Czech ICT Solution Day. We would like to share this diverse portfolio of solutions not only with ourselves but also with other partners, and take on the challenge of expanding our business from multiple angles through new business development and solution development.

Due to the nature of our company, which offers a variety of products and services, we have become a company that requires a wider range of skills and experience. In the future, we would like to have a more diverse staff of employees who support our customers, and we would like to focus our efforts on creating a system that can meet the expectations of a variety of customers.

Towards active business investment (Managing Director Furuse)

We were able to get a solid response from the balance sheet of the business as a whole. In terms of customer investment trends, many system renewal projects that had been put on hold have been revived, and it appears that customers are returning to an active growth path. In addition to each service, we are also actively receiving inquiries about product solutions such as Flowmon.

In 2023, with the cooperation of JIC, a venture promotion organization based in Brno, Czech Republic, we were able to start collaborating with many Czech IT companies. After having remote-based meetings during the coronavirus pandemic that began in the latter half of 2021, we visited each company for the first time in May last year and held interlock meetings. At that time, we obtained agreement from JIC and opened a liaison office, creating a foundation that will enable us to safely deliver future collaborative business to Japanese customers.

We will continue to proactively discover new high-value-added solutions and invest in developing new businesses and strengthening existing businesses so that we can provide a wide range of options to our customers. Additionally, in 2024, we have received many inquiries from major customers about projects that will contribute to Japan’s social infrastructure, and we would like to make this year a steppingstone for our company to grow as a company that is indispensable to Japan’s social infrastructure.

Becoming the cornerstone that supports management (Director Nakajima)

The new operation monitoring center, which opened last year, not only supports the stable operation of our customers’ businesses, but is also becoming an important foundation for Orizon’s future business. In addition, each business pillar of Orizon’s services and products has grown with its own strengths, but going forward, we will focus not only on the growth of individual business pillars but also on providing complex services and solutions.

As for our current specific theme, we would like to deliver higher value Czech IT solutions to Flowmon’s widely used customers. In particular, we would like to take advantage of Orizon’s strengths in the service business and propose new solution perspectives that connect various services and products, as well as different services.

We will also begin activities with a broader perspective of collaboration not only with product vendors, but also with domestic and international partners. We believe that we can provide new value to our customers not only by the products and services we handle, but also by expanding the range of customers we serve.

Navigating change

Last year, we celebrated our 25th anniversary, opened a new operation monitoring center, and held a solution event at the Embassy of the Czech Republic. We have been progressing step by step. On the other hand, the social situation has become a time of many uncertain factors, such as fluctuating exchange rate movements, unstable political situations, and the unpredictable effects of climate change, and companies, large and small, need to have a structure that can adapt to change in order to survive.

The zodiac sign of 2024 is the year of the Dragon. The year of the Dragon is said to be a year in which you become energetic, grow big, and take shape. Our company will continue to steadily mark milestones and evolve with the aim of becoming Orizon Systems, which can quickly respond to various changes. Please look forward to Orizon Systems’ next moves.