Start of operations at the Brno site

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On June 1, 2023, Orizon Systems opened a liaison office in Brno, Czech Republic as of today. This liaison office is located in the Brno Innovation Center – JIC , and will be positioned as a future business base for Orizon Systems in Central Europe in order to oversee business with IT companies in the Czech Republic with which we have deepened cooperative relationships in recent years.

Significance of establishing base

Orizon Systems CEO Suga: The opening of this liaison office is the first step in Orizon Systems’ European expansion strategy, which we announced at the beginning of the year. Businesses with companies that we are already collaborating with have started to move smoothly despite the remote operation due to the corona crisis, but this time, with the interposition of a base that serves as a physical hub, we can ensure even greater stability. (Left photo: Mr. Jiri Tobola, Suga)

The headquarters of TNS (Penetration Test Service), UNIS, and AXENTA (One-Stop Global Service), as well as the branch office of GoodAccess , are located in Brno. More than anything else, Brno has a development base for Flowmon products, which are globally known as part of Progress Software’s portfolio, and it is a city that I personally feel deeply attached to. In addition, people are actively interacting with each other. Sometimes we found a counterpart of the new business partner was actually once worked For Flowmon in the past. We also recognize that the people in the social gathering of new and old Flowmon company are from diverse companies in Brno today. This people relationship helps providing easy information exchange environment.

Seamless business operations between the two countries

Mr. Jiri Tobola, JIC: We believe that the opening of Orizon’s liaison office within JIC has contributed to further rapid business development and is a mutually beneficial step. In the future, various business collaborations with Orizon’s affiliated companies will also be possible smoothly, such as meetings and joint work in the Czech Republic, by starting from this liaison office which has been opened in JIC. We believe that this move will be a mutually beneficial step in which we can expect stable business development for Orizon, JIC, and the companies that collaborate with Orizon.

There are more than 30 venture companies in this JIC building, and new businesses are expected to be born every day. Personally, I’m looking forward to the birth of the second and third Flowmon. (Right photo: Interviewing Mr. Jiri Tobola at JIC)

At first, the staff from Orizon will start working part-time, but as the solution business of the Czech company expands, the team structure will also be strengthened. JIC will also reinforce its support as necessary.

The JIC head office is located in an area where technology companies are concentrated, about 10 minutes by car from Brno Central Station, and is also very close to the companies that Orizon is currently working with.

Brno is the second largest city of the Czech Republic and is located in the South Moravian region. With a population of about 400,000, it is the second most important city after the capital Prague. The presence of well-known universities such as Masaryk University, Brno University of Technology, and Mendel University, as well as excellent educational institutions, supply human resources with technical knowledge and skills, and support the growth of the technology industry.

Modern office space, research facilities, well-developed transportation networks and business support facilities make it an attractive destination for foreign investment and entrepreneurs. Brno is noted as the center of growth and development of the technology industry in the Czech Republic. Many technology companies and startups are based in Brno, forming a vibrant technology #Brnoregion ecosystem in areas such as IT, software development, data science and artificial intelligence.

Orizon Systems will continue to make the necessary investments to establish a system that allows Japanese customers to use excellent solutions safely. Please continue to look forward to the next steps that Orison Systems will be taking.