• 20th Anniversary ORIZON Systems celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2018.
  • Flowmon Your Network under control

SW Products & Service


Flowmon is network traffic monitoring and security solution of Flowmon Networks (Czech).


Manage Engine is the ZOHO (USA) product which simplifies IT management with software solutions.

IT Service

SW Development(Turn Key)

Do SW development, from planning to designing and development to respond to customers’ real needs.

System Engineering Service

Provide system integration, from system planning to designing and integration to respond to customers’ real needs.

Managed Service

System maintenance and operational monitoring.
24 hours and 365 days service.

Solution Service

SW Development(for SIers)

System development with systems integrators.

System Integration(for SIers)

System integration with systems integrators.

System Engineering Service

Provides good and skillful system engineers for customers’ any needs.


ORIZON Systems was established in 1998 as a privately held company at Tokyo, Japan, starting with four employees including CEO, initially focusing network integration business due to the CEO’s background.
Orizon Systems employs now 125 technical engineers and 15 management and general staff, total 140 employees. Orizon Systems has two missions,


Technical Firm

One of the most characteristics of ORIZON is IT Technical firm.
125 out of 140 employees are experienced IT engineers.
Only around 20 of them are less 2 years experience.
Another characteristic is about 35 percent of engineers is working for Software development business and 65 percent is specialized in IT infrastructure business, such as Server systems, Network systems and Managed services.
ORIZON provides services to various customers from enterprises to middle size companies.
However, through the substantial experiences with the large IT system Integrators for quite a large system integration ORIZON could obtain much know how and knowledge.

Wide range of IT business

ORIZON Systems provide Software Development, Network and Server system Integration, Systems Engineering Service and Managed Service.
The customers is various, from large System Integrators to small scale companies and many kind of business sectors.
In Software Development ORIZON Systems can develop systems by using JAVA, C- language, PL/SQL, and VBA under Windows, Linux and UNIX environments. Managed Service consists of Remote Support, On-site Support, Help Desk Service and 24 hours/365 days On Line Monitoring service.
The number of customers of this Managed Service today is around 70.

Independent Firm

ORIZON is a privately owned company. It does not belong to any groups and has no parent companies.

ORIZON is small size

Small size is an advantage. Management team is small. Decision is in most of the cases made by 3 to 4 managements including CEO. More-over ,as the size of staff is small the cost for the business is low and very competitive.

ORIZON Systems Co.,Ltd.

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